MIF Ministry Loans

Established Congregations

For capital improvements to grow ministry.

  • Adjustable-Rate Mortgage
  • Fixed-Rate Loan
  • Loans for Smaller Projects

New-Start Congregation

To purchase land or construct or purchase a first church building.

Second Site

For buying or constructing a building for a satellite congregation.

ELCA-Related Ministries

For seminaries, social ministry organizations, outdoor ministries, and colleges and universities of the ELCA undertaking capital projects.

Or, to speak to a representative call:
(877) 886-3522

An MIF Loan at Work

Salt House, a new ministry in Kirkland, Washington, is a shining example of how MIF uses investors' dollars to finance capital projects for ELCA congregations and ministries.


About MIF

Achieve your financial goals and help grow our church.

The Mission Investment Fund of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America offers a range of investments for individuals, congregations and social ministry organizations. For more than a century, we’ve used the money invested with us to finance building and renovation loans for ELCA congregations and ministries, helping our fellow Lutherans meet their financial goals and do God’s work in the world.